About Botanica

1. What Does Botanica Do?
Botanica is a UAE born boutique floral and plant agency founded with the purpose of connecting urban lives to the benefits of nature. To do this we offer beautiful, artistic and unique flower arrangements, plants, and terrariums that have been designed and selected with consideration of their aesthetic as well as therapeutic properties. We deliver straight to your home or workspace so you can immediately brighten your living space and reap the calming benefits of bringing nature inside.


1. How do you take payments?
We take secure payments on our webpage using debit or credit card.
2. Is there a minimum order value?
There is no minimum order value.
3. How do I change or cancel my order?
We may be able to change or cancel your orders depending on the product and the time of notification prior to delivery. To enquire please contact our customer service team under the Contact Us section and refer to our refund and cancellation policy.
4. My order is damaged what do I do?
We take every effort to ensure that our products are delivered in excellent condition. In the event that there is damage, please take a photo and reach out to the customer service team on the Contact Us section.


1. Are your payments secure?
Yes. Our systems are protected with bank-grade security and secure.
2. Where do you hold my card information?
All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted with security measures and then encrypted into our payment gateway providers database. We do not hold your debit/credit card details on our servers.
3. Do you have a refund/cancellation policy?
Yes. Please refer to the refund and cancellation policy here.


1. How do deliveries work?
We deliver to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah, Al Ain, Ajman and Sharjah.
For subscriptions, we deliver once per week, every Thursday.
All other products can be delivered to Dubai the same day if the order is placed prior to 13:00, if after it will be delivered before 14:00 the following day.
For deliveries to Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah, Al Ain, Ajman and Sharjah, these can be delivered the next day if the order is placed before 18:00. 
2. How much does delivery cost?
Delivery to Dubai and Abu Dhabi is free. For any orders to Ras al Khaimah, Al Ain, Ajman and Sharjah delivery is charged at an additional 20 AED.
3. Will you deliver to me if I am not home?
Yes. We will leave your delivery at your front door or at your reception. If you think you might not be in, you can leave specific instructions to our driver on where to place your delivery. In the case of flowers, just be sure to give them some water as soon as you can once you’ve arrived.
4. Not everything I ordered is on my delivery?
Subscriptions are always delivered separately from other items you have ordered. If you purchase other items that are non-subscriptions these will be delivered together. Please contact if there is an item missing here.
5. Can I have items delivered to more than one address?
Yes, of course we can deliver your items to more than one address. However, please note that we cannot break up our plant packs and send each item to a separate address.
If you wish to add an address, you can do this on your profile page.
6. Can I have items delivered to addresses that are non-residential?
Absolutely. Botanica delivers to businesses, offices, restaurants, hotels, and anywhere else possible.

Flower Subscriptions

1. How do subscriptions work?
Each week we deliver a fresh and completely new composition of flowers direct to the door of your home or business. Enjoy a moment of creativity in your day by arranging your flowers into a unique floral design. We will provide you with a Botanica arrangement guide that not only takes you step by step on how to create your arrangement, but will teach you about flora, foliage and arranging techniques as well as containing beautiful painted illustrations by our resident artist.
2. I’ve never arranged flowers before, will I be able to do it?
Yes! Our goal is to connect people to nature and have designed beautiful, artistic arrangements with the intention of being accessible to all. We provide you with clear and easy guide with paintings by our resident artist, so that you only need to focus on the creation process and benefit from the overall calmness and positivity that it generates within your space.
3. Do I need any special equipment to perform arranging?
You will require a vase and some scissors/secateurs to trim the stems. These will soon available for purchase from our store.
4. What kind of vase will I need?
Our arrangements are a substantial size, so just make sure that your vase sufficiently tall and wide to hold the bouquet. We recommend a vase that is anywhere from 20-30cm in height and at least 12cm inner diameter. Tall, fluted glass and wide sturdy ceramic vases are particularly versatile for any styled arrangement. We will soon have a range of vases available for purchase from our store.
5. What subscription terms do you offer?
We offer various durations of our subscriptions and discounts respectively. You can trial out a subscription through a once-off purchase, or pre-pay for 5, 10 or 20 deliveries and receive significant savings.
6. Am I locked into a subscription?
No! All subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time.
7. Do I have to receive deliveries every week?
No. You can skip, pause or cancel at any time. This is managed by you under your account.
8. When will I receive my flowers?
We deliver flowers every Thursday.
9. When do I have to order by?
We currently require you to order 6 days prior to your subscription delivery. That is, by Friday midday before the Thursday delivery.
10. Will I be able to see what flowers are coming up?
We are currently keeping this a surprise; however, we will adjust this depending on your feedback.
11. How do I cancel ?
It’s simple. Please send us an email and mention that you wish to cancel your subscription. We’ll confirm once this is done. Ifyou have already ordered a delivery for the week, please let us know that you wish to cancel prior to Friday 12pm as per the ordering requirements discussed above.
If you have prepaid deliveries and wish to cancel we will reimburse you. However as our prepaid deliveries are offered at a discounted rate, if you have already received some of the deliveries before cancelling then we will recalculate the price of those deliveries received at a non-discounted rate and reimburse you the remaining amount. If you have any questions, please contact us.
12. When do you take payment?
For once off subscriptions and pre-pay we take the payment immediately.
13. How will my subscriptions arrive?
In our custom made, beautiful boxes filled with wrapping, ribbon and our hand paintings of your arrangement by our resident artist.
14. Do you sell flowers that are not subscriptions?
Yes! We have a range of seasonal floral arrangements that we sell. These can be found on our seasonal arrangements page. This range can be delivered same or next day depending on when the order was placed.

General Flower Questions

1. How fresh are your flowers?
Due to the climatic conditions of the UAE we are unfortunately unable to purchase our whole range of flowers locally. However, we do procure directly from the flower growers and have a sophisticated supply chain to ensure that our customers receive fresh, quality flowers.
If for any reason you are not happy with the freshness of your flowers or plants, please contact us and we will replace your arrangement or provide you with a refund.
2. What kind of vase will I need?
Our arrangements are a substantial size, so just make sure that your vase sufficiently tall and wide to hold the bouquet. We recommend a vase that is anywhere from 20-30cm in height and at least 12cm inner diameter. Tall, fluted glass and wide sturdy ceramic vases are particularly versatile for any styled arrangement. We will soon have a range of vases available for purchase from our store.
3. Do I need any equipment for my flowers?
You will require a vase and some scissors/secateurs to trim the stems. These will soon be available for purchase from our store.
4. Where are your flowers grown?
We source our flowers from a number of locations including the Netherlands, the Amazonian rainforests and Kenya so that we can deliver to you a diverse, unique and special arrangements.
5. Are my flowers child/pet friendly?
Many flowers contain some level of toxicity so we would advise to keep your arrangements always way from pets or children that might be tempted to eat leaves or flowers.

Plant Questions

1. Will you provide me with information on my plant?
Yes. All plants come with a Botanica plant cardon your plant with care tips and beautiful paintings by our resident artist.
2. Are your plants easy to maintain?
Yes. Our goal is to make nature as accessible as possible. All plants require some form of care, but that doesn’t mean it should be burdensome or confusing. We have carefully selected our plant range for not only their aesthetic and beneficial heath qualities, but also low maintenance.
3. I’m not good with plants, can you please help me?
Yes of course. We will provide information with your plant on how to care for it as well as online resources that you can find in our website. If you are still having issues with your plant, please take a photo and contact our resident Plantologist for help.
4. Do you pot for me?
At Botanica, we delivery plants in a plastic pot that has plenty of space for its roots and holes in the bottom so water can drain freely. You won’t initially need to do any repotting. Simply put your plastic potted plant in a cachepot (decorative) pot if you wish to hide the plastic. Our plant cards will explain if you need to repot and when for the plant you’ve bought, but usually it’s not necessary for 1-2 years.
5. What size pot should I buy?
At the bottom of each individual plant we will recommend the pot size to select. Usually you should aim for a pot the same size or 1-2cmlarger than the diameter of the plastic pot that your plant will arrive in.
6. How do I repot?
Please see our Plant Care section for more.
7. Are my plants child/pet friendly?
When you are purchasing a plant you should consider who else you share a home with. If you have small children or pets that could nibble on a leaf we would recommend that you choose plants that are child/pet friendly. We will indicate to you where the child / pet safety level for every plant.
If you really want a plant that is not 100% sure to be child/pet friendly, remember to keep it way from reach by placing it on a plant stand.

Customer Service

1. I want to speak to someone, what can I do?
Please contact us. You can call us directly to speak to us, email or chat on WhatsApp.
2. I have a problem with my account, can you help me?
Yes we can. Please contact us and we will try and fix your issue as soon as possible.