Follow these basic tips below to keep your flowers beautiful, fresh and living longer.

Clean Your Vases and Tools Thoroughly Before Use.

Keeping everything as clean as possible will increase the longevity of your flowers. Make sure you clean your vase and tools well before each use to eliminate any dust or bacteria that could be lingering.

Change the Water in the Vase Every Few Days

After a few days water looses its freshness, increasing the chance of your flowers becoming sick or wilting. We therefore recommend that you replenish your vase every couple of days with room temperature water that is preferably filtered or purified. You can purify water at home by simply boiling some water and letting it completely cool before adding it to your vase. Don’t forget to add flower food and clean your vase each time you change the water.

Trim the Stems of the Flowers Before Adding Them to the Vase

Each time you place your flowers in a vase (including when you change the water), it is best to give your stems a quick trim and remove any foliage that would sit below the water line to prevent bacteria from growing. A common technique used in Ikebana is to trim your stems underwater in order to reduce the amount of time that stems are exposed to air. This is a nice little tip to keep your flowers super fresh!

Keep Your Tools Sharp

You might not have professional tools, but that’s ok. Just make sure to keep them always sharp so you can cut your flowers cleanly. It is best to trim your stems at 45 degrees before placing them in a vase. At this angle, the flower has the maximum surface area exposed for the stems to absorb the most water and nutrients.

Placement of Your Flowers

No matter where you place your flowers, we are certain that they will quickly become the centerpiece of the room. However, before you set them up please bear in mind:
  • Flowers like to be kept in a cool place and out of direct sunlight as the heat can cause bacteria to grow
  • Keep flowers away from fruit and remove any dead flowers as they release natural gases that can cause your flowers to prematurely wilt.
  • They may look beautiful, but flowers should not be eaten and always kept out of reach of pets and children.


Flowers can be arranged in almost any vessel and offer another avenue for creativity. You don’t have to limit your arrangements to one vase and feel free to spread them out in several vessels
Our arrangements are a substantial size, so if you are using one vase make sure that it is sufficiently tall and wide to hold the bouquet. We recommend a vase that is anywhere from 20-30cm in height and at least 12cm in diameter. Tall, fluted glass and wide sturdy ceramic vases are particularly versatile for any styled arrangement.
We will soon be offering a selection of vases for purchase in our store.