Now more than ever, we believe that we all need more nature - more connection, more attention to our overall wellbeing.


Botanica is a UAE born boutique floral and plant agency founded with the purpose of connecting urban lives to the benefits of nature.
As our lifestyles keep us increasingly busy and indoors, we know how easy it is to feel disconnected from our environment.
There are a number of proven health and wellbeing benefits from being surrounded by flowers and plants including their ability to purify the air, increase happiness, enhance creativity and boost energy.
Our aim at Botanica is to share the many gifts that nature has to offer while simultaneously creating beautiful, artistic and unique floral and plant sensory experiences that brighten interior spaces and forge a deeper association between yourself and your environment.


Our Design Approach

“Great art picks up where nature ends” – Marc Chagall
We are truly passionate about flowers and plants and aspire to offer products that will become pieces of art for your interior space.
Our approach to design is based on our desire to offer floral and plant pieces that are stunning, original and memorable. Our designs reflect our genuine passion and understanding of nature, and our constant regard for both the aesthetic as well as therapeutic qualities of each flower and plant.
Just like it is in the wild, at Botanica we love to create the unexpected and proudly break away from traditional floral designs and plant offerings. We are forever inspired by the diversity of our environment and use our UAE base to our advantage by having a wide range of flora and fauna at our fingertips.
We revel in mixing tropical stems from Colombia with wildflowers from the Netherlands, experimenting with quirky lotus pods and creating unique and playful color combinations. We challenge what is conventional and aim to create unique designs that inspire you to rediscover the natural world
Just as a painter carefully chooses each paint, at Botanica we meticulously hand select each of our flowers and plants and consider both their beauty and health benefits before creating your centerpieces.
During the design process we will consider whether to add flowers such as gloriosas for their vaporous texture as much as adding peonies for their healing abilities. We choose to offer Monkey Jar plants for the mischievous touch it adds to a room and the Zanzibar Gem for its ability to improve cognitive functioning.
The result is unique and meaningful range that will awaken your senses, inspire your creativity and generate calmness and positivity within.


Our Values

  • Caring for Our Customers – Our goal is to connect people across the UAE with nature. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service.
  • We Design for Your Wellbeing – We believe so strongly in the benefits of living with nature that we purposefully plan all our floral and plant offerings with the improvement of your personal and environmental wellbeing in mind.
  • Nature is Our Passion, Nature is Our Art - We are passionate about nature and view our products as pieces of art that will brighten your interior space. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to design and  providing you with stunning, artistic, and original floral arrangements and plants.
  • Sustainability – We strive to uphold the highest level of integrity in our business. We hold a strong sense of responsibility towards nature and use environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. We plant a tree for every flower subscription, seasonal arrangement and plant that we sell.